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This vase is named after Jean Cocteau, french artist from the 1900's.

The transparent black and opaque white stripes draws on the black and white movie La Belle et La Bete, that he masterfully directed in 1946.

Vase hand made with coloured borosilicate glass.


- Height approx 28cm

- Diameter approx 12cm.

- Wash by hand

- Comes in a white box.

Black and White Stripe Glass Vase

  • This cuttlebone wall hanging is truly a work of art; a sculptural conversation starter for your space.  Diverse in it's style, it will add an element of unique, travelled, coastal luxe + individuality to your décor.
    Made with hand rolled clay beads, natural cuttlefish bone and hemp rope, this gorgeous piece will complement any decorative arrangement in your home.

    Available in black, natural or white hemp

    Option to have additional dividing beads between cuttle pieces creating a space

    Approximate dimensions H 30 cm x W 17 cm 


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