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About the Registry

The HuntCo Wedding Registry is a unique wedding gift registry. Our wedding gift range can includes not only the registry basics, but also wedding gifts not available on other bridal registries – stunning homewares and statement furniture pieces - collated by interior design style.

This is the registry for people who don't want vanilla. We work hard (and love it!) to source global pieces that are leading the way in design and work with brands that do the same. Our range is so extensive, so full of unique gifts and changes so regularly you can be sure your registry will never look the same as someone else’s.


We realise in this day and age most couples have either established themselves with the basics or have no need for a ‘good dinner sets’ so makes sense to hand pick some personal, unique pieces that suit you and your partner as well as something that is a special reminder of your special day.


So how do we do it? We start by working with you and your husband or wife to be and create a list of products you are wanting; be it towels and bedlinen, books, bowls or a special piece of artwork or photography, a piece of vintage furniture or custom made dining table, we can HUNT for the right products across a range of mediums to get the best selection together for you. Once we outline the range of products you wish to put on your registry we will find all the items and create your own webstore for all your guests to visit to view and purchase or contribute to your customized range of gifts! This also means guests across the country and the world can; at their leisure make purchases from the site completely hassle free!



Don’t live locally? That is okay! We are fully equip to work with you remotely, setting up a time that suits we can sit down and discuss all your requirements and wishes and go from there on working out the exact list of goods and put together a shopping list to source before finalizing the selection and creating your own unique site.


We also understand this is a stressful and busy time for you both, so we will try and minimize the hassle and anxiety out of this process by managing this all on your behalf, all you have to do is tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to get it!




General. After years working in the design, retail and home wares industries we have built a significant catalogue of suppliers and products that we can source and suggest to you for your specialized registry


Exclusive Brands. We have exclusivity with many boutique designer brands so you won’t find their pieces on any other registry. Please note some of our suppliers, particularly the smaller ones do one off pieces or seasonal ranges so should there be a long time between set up and wedding there may be some items that are no longer available. There are two options here, you can either pay for the items upfront to secure them or we can substitute for something else that you wish to replace them with post wedding.


Unique and Personalised Gifts. We are able to offer you a one-off gift that is truly yours – whether it’s a vintage cheese board from France or juju tribal headdresses from Africa, a piece of local artwork or a piece that is personalised to you, we can make sure this registry is a range of products that suits not just you but your guests and their budgets too!


Extensive Range. While other registries may offer you 20 cushions, we will offer you 100. Our range is extensive, so your registry doesn’t look like anyone else’s.


Pricing. We understand your guest will all have different budgets, so we are happy to source and offer products of all price points. Should you wish to only suggest larger items like rugs, lights and furniture we are able to collate a list of contributors and funds for you to use a s you wish post wedding day. You may well change your opinion later on or wish to buy something different so we are happy to make changes to suit you and your budget.


We also offer trade prices and discounts (where applicable) to all selected products to help you get a bit more bang for your buck!



If you are wanting that NEXT LEVEL service beyond the gifts!


Styling Services. We believe your registry should style your home so as part of the service we can offer our unique styling service as part of your package.

Our initial consultation is $300. We will visit your home to run through the gifts to see what items would be perfect for your style and taste to be included in your registry. Contact us for a booking and use our Interior Design background to your full advantage! 


Again if you don’t live locally we travel across Victoria, NSW and SA so are more than happy to jump in the car and come to you, otherwise we can work remotely through


Registry Lookbook (only available with additional styling service). Like every other aspect of your wedding, your registry becomes an expression of your individual style to inspire your guests. We style your registry like a magazine with your dream home inspiration style photos integrated with your wedding gifts. Your guests won’t just feel like they are giving you a gift but that they are helping you create your dream home.


Affordable. Your registry can be set up to style your whole home – living, dining, bedroom, bathroom and garden. We can create a whole look and style for you as part of the service that can be utilized well after the big day. We understand you might be restricted with what people are wanting to purchase and what you can afford, particularly with the cost of the wedding too  so as part of the service we create an ‘end goal’ look for you to work towards. At any stage pre or post wedding you can contact us and proceed with any of the products selected as part of the registries styling service and still get the same great trade prices!


So if you are wanting to really set up your home this next level service is well worth the investment!




How are you different from other registries?

Express your personal style

Whilst we still offer the registry basics, we believe that there is more to creating a home together than simply nice linen and kitchenware. It’s about combining your personal style together to create a loving home-in every room. 

That’s why we offer more homewares and furniture than any other registry, with a focus on supporting up and coming Australian designers.
If art is more your passion then you’ll find that no other registry has over 200 affordable artworks. And we enable you to express your personal style by having your registry presented to guests as a lookbook with inspirational style image, so your guests won’t just feel like they are giving you a gift but that they are helping you create your dream home. 

Affordability – There is a variety of price points for gifts and we offer contribution payments too.

Service – we are all about convenience and style. We want to offer the best products and really search for exactly what you are after, but more importantly we want to offer an above average service.

Style – we are country girls, living in a regional area, we totally understand that just because you don’t live near the high street doesn’t mean you don’t want high street style. We will do our best to find all the groovy, big city type products you crave and make it super easy for you to get these delivered to your door!

Travel – we get it, everyone is busy and you might not be somewhere easy to access, so we are always happy to travel to other towns, cities, farms or states to meet with you in person should you so desire.

Are all gifts visible on your website?

No, we work with you to personalise the registry, so only once we have a selected range will you be able to view all the special pieces selected for your site.


Is it free to set up my registry?

No, the set up is $200 which includes the webstore/site development, sourcing and supply you with your list of gifts and all the admin and follow up that occurs around the registry. For larger furniture items there may be a delivery fee post wedding, but we work with local couriers to make sure the costs are kept to a minimum.


What charges do my guests incur?

All item prices are inclusive of GST. Guests pay an additional $11.95 Shipping, Handling and Administration fee which is also applicable for wishing well contributions. This fee is per transaction. If a guest purchases more then one item they will only be charged the fee once. This is on par with majority of other registries.


Do you do wishing wells or honeymoon registries?

We can offer a contribution service where guest can contribute to more expensive items, but are unable to do wishing wells or honeymoon registries.


Is everything available to view in store?

For your specific site yes, however as lots of home décor and home ware brands change their ranges and update products very regularly we will from time to time have issues whereby goods have been purchased but at the time of ordering are no longer available. If this is the case we will contact the guest/s and allow them the option to reselect.

Can you provide a guidance as to what the Total Value of my registry should be?

We recommend multiplying the number of guests x $80.

Some will spend more, some less, some will shop elsewhere, however this means your guests will have ample selection to choose from (even the last minute purchases), yet minimises overwhelming your guests.

How do I let my guests know about my registry?

We will set up your unique site prior to the wedding, once set up we will issue you the URL and you are then able to add this to invites and or advise guests..

Alternatively, you can contact us for an embossed cards which you can discreetly place alongside your invitations, or simply reference our website URL on your invitation copy.

DELIVERY - When are my gifts delivered?

Gifts are delivered after your Wedding Day.

We aim to deliver about 80–90% of your registry about 4–6 weeks after your wedding. The remainder is delivered once it comes in stock – note for some items this can be a few months. We recommend to swap these items for an alternative gift to prevent a delay.


Delivery for all smaller items is absorbed in the admin costs to guests so nothing out of pocket for you here.

For larger items such as furniture pieces, rugs art or planter pots, When all items are in stock, your gifts will be delivered together 2–7 days once booked in. As per the above we try to keep these costs as conservative as possible, but given most of our couples are regional there will be some fees.

We service Australia wide.

What if the gifts I receive don’t meet my expectations?

We understand that sometimes gifts you see online are different to what you imagined in real life, so if you are unhappy with any of your gifts let us know within 7 days and we would be happy to organise an exchange. Please note we are unable to exchange one off or custom made pieces so please select carefully! 

I love something really expensive – can my friends contribute?

Yes – any item over $300 automatically becomes a contribution item. 

We break expensive items down into affordable gift size pieces starting at $50.

We recommend putting the word out to family and bridal/groom party to rally together a group to purchase larger items. This way guests can still feel ownership over the gift. 

Can I reshuffle my money at the end?

Yes you can! If for example you only got half a dinner set you can reshuffle your money prior to your registry being finalised.

NOTE - We do allow couples to shuffle some gifts, but this is confirmed at the end of your registry and is at our discretion. 

How do one-off and one-of a kind gifts work?

For items such as artwork, antiques or vintage pieces we either get you to select the gift in advance and we reserve the exact piece for you or we work closely with you after your registry is finalised to source the piece you love.  

Why do I select favourite gifts?

‘Favourite Gifts’ let your guests know that which are your priority gifts. This means we order this gift in advance so it is less likely to be out of stock. In return, if gift is a selected by you as a favourite, you guarantee it will be bought. 

If I’ve selected a gift for my registry is stock guaranteed?

We work with many boutique designers and homeware brands that change their items seasonally.

We anticipate that approximately 5-10% of your registry will be out of stock or on backorder at the time you finalise your registry. This is the same as our competitors, even the big department stores. We work closely with you to ensure that this is minimised by but should this occur we will contact you or your guest to allow for reselection or for the funds to be used towards a bigger item 

How long can I keep my registry open for?

As long as you think your guests need it open for. 

I would love to have my house styled – can I get my guests to pay?

Styling sessions incur upfront fees however you can then add this to your wedding registry and have your money reimbursed.

What can I expect if I follow you on Facebook and Instagram?

We are primarily designers, who dabble in retail and now registries! Our social media is a reflection of this, but should you wish to feature or feature us we would be only to happy to do so.

Can I pay by direct debit?

Yes – just call us and we will provide you with the details and make sure your gift is reserved. 

I’ve purchased a gift for a wedding. When will the Couple receive my gift?

The lucky couple will be delivered their gifts at a convenient time decided by them following the wedding- usually within 4-6 weeks, however some gifts- especially those made to order- might take up to a few months longer. Honeymoon and Wishing well fund monies are organised the following Monday of the couples Wedding. 


We accept all major credit cards, bank deposits and Paypal

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