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Our HUNT CO baskets are individually hand woven by creative artisans in ghana. Artisans weave is a hereditary profession handed down from one generation to the next. The raw material "elephant grass" grows abundantly in the flood plains around bolgatanga in northern ghana. Elepgant grass is a sustainable and natural material, that can be re-shaped with water. The grass is harvested, dried and finally boiled to dye. the weavers slip each length into two then roll it to give it more strength. Baskets take up to one week to make depending on the size and intricacy of the patterns.


Country of Origin: Ghana

Material: Elephant Grass, Leather

Dimensions: 46-52cm long x 28-33cm tall (not including handles) x 20cm width

These baskets are handmade, so dimensions may slightly vary; Photos are for reference

Elephant Grass Market Basket

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