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    • Design original and original designs.

      I am sure at some point, in some way on the website I have touched on my love of natural products.I could be accused of using the phrase 'design integrity' a lot but it is truly what draws me to a product. In having a small business, more over a small business that is regionally based it can be a really tricky thing to manage because I know people are both loyal to their existing local stores and wary of their spending. I was and am still very conscious of this in setting up the store, in selecting products and in pricing my ranges and I WISH I could compromise and find 'average' products from 'average' suppliers and be content...but if I feel something is poorly made, has no originality, is made through poorly managed businesses or is a complete fabrication of a design or product then I struggle to bring myself to support the label. I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of regional support I have had on my quest to bring unique, bespoke products and labels to the area. Constantly humbled by the amount of people; who like me are aware of brands and labels and are willing to pay a little more to support quality Australian importers or manufactures. I guess the biggest benefit of social media is having the ability to reach people all over the country and the world; conversely for those people to be able to research and acquire a sound understanding of styles, products, designs and designers making my job of marketing and selling such goods that much easier. Something that I cannot understand and something that has become increasingly apparent to me particularly in the past few months is the number of Australian designers either claiming their designs as originals, or naming, shaming and discrediting other designers in order to promote themselves. They do say copying someone is the highest form of flattery, and as a designer I know that it is flattering but also frustrating because you work hard to develop and manufacture your designs so seeing someone else copying them is more upsetting than flattering, but in a world of technology and few original designs I guess it becomes a case of the chicken and the egg...who designed it first? I can understand the frustration when your entire collection is copied, because regardless of its origin and originality curating a range IS unique, it is what creates a brand, but copying a chair, ladder, hook or bassinet is hardly worth singling out another brand to discredit them. I have found a number of Australian labels who will refuse to supply me because they look at some other labels I support and see them as un-origional and manufacturing direct knock offs of their products. I think it is a terrible shame they are not confident enough in their brand, design and marketing that they can't just focus on what they are trying to achieve. As designers and manufactures we all go to the same fairs, we see the same products, we know the original designs and follow the trends so if someone else happens to have the same styles or products as you, prove you are the bigger person by promoting your range better, target the clients you want to support you and build on the relationships you already have. I buy from people I enjoy dealing with, who make beautiful products I am proud to use and sell. I love when a brand has a great story, or the manufacturer has an obvious passion for what they do; it is for these reasons I select what I do for the store and for people's homes. My store is a bespoke emporium of a variety of products, it is also a reflection of me, my style, my taste and my mentality towards design in all its forms. SO check back in 12 months, but my hope is that I can continue to find a range of product that meets the above criteria, that I don't waiver from my desire to be unique and that I can encourage more and more people to shop small, shop local and support the Aussie brands I am passionate about promoting!! Note: At Hunt Co we are always excited to see or hear of fabulous new Aussie labels, if you know of one, or are yourself a designer or artisan and you want to get your range into the store drop us an email, we are always keen to find new labels to support!

    • #thankafarmerforyournextmeal

      Hi there, I know I promised to regularly update my blog (and my website for that matter), but as tends to happen, I have been bogged down in life in the store and on the farm and before I knew it, almost 12 months passed by with little to no updates, for this I am sorry. But this post isn't about 'picking the best colour for your nursery' (a very topical point in our home at the moment), this post is a little more personal! I was well aware of the drought when I moved to the farm and while we had no significant rains last year, Hamish produced; from what I could see, a reasonable yield on his crops, expanded the farm into livestock and to my knowledge, has successfully run a small feedlot. Something that cropped up in conversation a lot as the feedlot grew, was the price of stock being sold north of us...because of the drought. I understood it was pretty dire, but ignorantly assumed that it was just marginally worse than what we were experiencing, and so continued on with my farm life. When I opened the doors to the store, and had a feeling I would appeal to the wives and girlfriends of farmers or those whose livelihood is reliant upon the land rather than the people living in town and wasn't wrong in my assumptions. I started talking about rain in the same way I use to talk about the daily work commute in know the question you ask but you already know the answer to; 'shit house'. I have made a point of stocking and supplying Australian made products, or those that are ethically sourced or manufactured by small business owners to capitalise on the market I was targeting and despite being extremely juvenile in this regional retail field and the fact I am by no means setting the world on fire I have managed to establish wonderful relationships with many farming families, all the while being aware of the drought that surrounds me and not doing anything to acknowledge it or support it. As the partner of a farmer, on a farm in regional NSW, about to introduce a new generation of farmers to life on the land I am fortunate enough to be located in the 2% of NSW that is currently not in drought; not yet that is. I have the means to be able to make people aware of the state of the State and I feel obliged to give back to the community that has so far supported me. You may not be aware as the daily news fails to adequately highlight the issues affecting rural Australia; but 100's of 1000's of livestock are dying or being killed on a daily bases across eastern Australia. Water supplies are at critical levels and the cost of buying and supplying feed is more than most farmers can afford. Inability to cope with these conditions has led to an increase in what is an already disturbingly high number of farming related suicides and it breaks my heart to see young children living without proper food or water because their families have no means to support them. I am guilty of the out of sight, out of mind mentality but this is a crisis, it should be considered a natural disaster and whether you know it or not, it does affect people far from the regional communities living through this. For the month of August I will be setting up the physical and online store with some new products, including some original artworks and prints, locally made timber wares and a range of other goods to then host a drought relief fundraiser on the first weekend in September. I know its a seemly small gesture or one that is mutually beneficial but my aim is not to personally profit, it is to encourage people to sit up and take note, to give a little back to the industry that directly or indirectly has supported so many of us. If you are not good with computers or don't live within a 500km radius of Echuca, but want to help anyway jump on this site and make a donation. I will keep you all updated over the next 4 weeks and of course let you know what contribution is made in September. XX

    • Who stole the melting moments from the melting moment jar?

      It has taken me a while to write this post...partly because I have bugger all internet, but mainly because I have Hamish would say 'flat bikkie' since I moved. I'll try my best to give you an overview of how I ended up on a farm in southern NSW and get to the real reason you are reading this article; wanting to know who did steal the melting moment?! I met Hamish a little over 9 months ago now; then I was living in sunny Sydney where I worked mainly in homeware development and design and dabbled in a bit of commercial cooking, residential interior design and a whole lot of retail therapy. Ham was, and still is a broad acre crop farmer, dabbling in a bit of livestock, trucking and anything to do with Mr Deere (John that is). Its safe to say we didn't meet in convention circumstances and fair to assume that it was quite a struggle explaining to people how a designer from Sydney fell in love with a farmer from Beeac but I assure you our story is really rather awesome (I'll fill you in one day)!! So upon settling on a new property in regional NSW, I packed a trailer with all my worldly possessions...Hamish unpacked a few of the 'essentials' he had collected over his backing years and we moved into our little patch of paradise...Hazeldean! The move has thus far been an amazing whirlwind of challenges for me..I grew up on a property so its not the isolation that troubles me as much as the constant washing, cleaning, cooking, hosting of guests, dusting, bed making, lack of modern conveniences,dusting, food shopping, farm tours oh and did I mention dusting?? Despite my incredibly supportive partners constant encouragement I felt, and still feel like I have given up a huge part of my independence in moving. I mean earlier this year I was travelling the world selling my products, making my own income while forging an international career in design and decoration and now I live in the back paddocks of Womboota! But despite the aforementioned challenges I would not change a thing. Through Hunt.Co I am now working on a range of home decor, tableware and fashion essentials to suit the modern Aussie country girl, while offering my services and skills in decoration and design to help regional clients develop, re-invent or create exciting new retail spaces, events or interiors...taking my former life and making it work in and for my new one! So who stole the melting moment you ask....well everyone!! In Sydney a knock at the door was likely a delivery driver, a miss hit on the buzzer or a real estate agent now we might as well remove the front door because everybody just drops in. There is no point me questioning who they are because they could be anyone from a passing friend, to a livestock agent or distant neighbour...the door opens and in they come, boot off, kettle on. Luckily for me I love to cook so there is always a sweet treat on the counter ready for all our drop by guests but I know most people are not like me and so until next blog here is the recipe so other PLU's (people like us...or just people like me) are not left in the kitchen with a random traveller offering him nothing but Earl Grey. Happy hunting... MELTING MOMENTS: ....The thing i LOVE most about these, is not that its super easy, but that most of the ingredients you would have in the cupboard/fridge, which, for drop ins in a place where the closest store is 20 minutes away, is essential! WHAT YOU NEED... 2Oz Icing sugar 6Oz Butter 2Oz Custard powder 6Oz Plain flour NB you can easily double this recipe which is what i do, but depending on the size of the balls you roll you should get around 16 from the above quantities. 1. Heat oven to 160C and line some flat baking trays with grease proof paper (you'll need 1-2). 2. Cream butter and icing sugar together to make a light, fluffy mix. 3. Add sifted flour and custard powder to the mix and blend till combined. 4. Roll mix into balls and place around 2cm apart on the baking paper. Press a fork into the top to softly flatten the balls and add a decorative feature to the biscuit. 5. Cook for 15-20 minutes or until lightly golden. The allow to cool 6. Mix some icing sugar with a bit of water to for a thick gooey syrup. Pair up the biscuits, adding the mixture to one and placing the other on top. allow to dry together...AAAAAAnd you are done. YUM

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      SHOP Shop Collection BLOG Read ENQUIRIES Get in touch HOMEWARES LIFESTYLING HUNT.Co Lifestyle II Home Decor II Interior Design THE BOUTIQUE STORE FOR MODERN COUNTRY LIVING Hunt.Co ​ I vividly remember the Sunday afternoons of my childhood: Mum, Dad, my older brother (and eventually my younger brother) and I would jump into the car and head to the local high street. While Mum and Dad sipped cappuccinos and caught up on town gossip, I was allowed to wander the streets, trawling the antique, homeware and book stores looking for treasures. I would fixate on things and work out how they would fit in my room, designing new looks and themes around them (hospital beds were hot on my birthday wish list once...I think I was 8) or daydream about all the things I found that would look great in my friends’ and families’ homes too...I know I was a loose kid, right?! Since my whimsical Sundays I have studied (Design, serendipitously) and managed to make a living out of sourcing, designing and producing homewares and furniture in Australia, the USA and UK. My love of quality craftsmanship, natural fibres and materials has enabled me to not only work in a field I love, but to be inspired, and help inspire others, by the beauty of timeless elegance. Since moving back to the country, I not only realised high street shopping regionally had changed, but that people outside the big cities need easy access to lifestyle products, and services that offer curated design ideas and products to suit the country home. Thus, Hunt.Co was born. Whether you need a hand sourcing the right products, a complete interior scheme, or you’re simply after some style inspiration… …let the Hunt begin PROJECTS PRACTICAL FASHION INSPIRATION PRODUCT MANUFACTURING FARM LIFE FARM STAYS FOOD AND ENTERTAINING FOR ALL ENQUIRIES Send Success! Message received.

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      Millie Blight Jul 30, 2018 #thankafarmerforyournextmeal Hi there, I know I promised to regularly update my blog (and my website for that matter), but as tends to happen, I have been bogged down... By Millie Blight Mar 10, 2018 The Colour White... I am your quintessential minimalist when it comes to colour. While I appreciate a pop of colour, I rarely use it and rarely wear it (exce... By Millie Blight Mar 3, 2018 Design original and original designs. I am sure at some point, in some way on the website I have touched on my love of natural products.I could be accused of using the phrase ... By Millie Blight Dec 11, 2017 ONE: Festive decorating basics on a budget. Having worked in product design here, the US and UK for the past 8 years I have spent enough time in and around retail stores to get a pr... By Millie Blight Nov 29, 2017 The Shopkeeper I know I promised regular updates, then a few months went by and ops nothing!! But to be fair its been a busy few months and here we are ... By Millie Blight Aug 2, 2017 Who stole the melting moments from the melting moment jar? It has taken me a while to write this post...partly because I have bugger all internet, but mainly because I have Hamish would ... Featured Posts Nov 29, 2017 The Shopkeeper Recent Posts #thankafarmerforyournextmeal Jul 30, 2018 The Colour White... Mar 10, 2018 Design original and original designs. Mar 3, 2018 ONE: Festive decorating basics on a budget. Dec 11, 2017 The Shopkeeper Nov 29, 2017 Who stole the melting moments from the melting moment jar? Aug 2, 2017 Archive July 2018 (1) March 2018 (2) December 2017 (1) November 2017 (1) August 2017 (1) Search By Tags country country life country living drought relief entertaining farming home cooking interior designer life in the country support small businesses Follow Us

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      < Shop All LIGHTING A bespoke selection of of lighting options. But we don't stop here, if you are looking for something specific, drop us a line. We can help you source exactly what you are looking for

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