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  • Why Paneling is an Easy Way to Add Character to Your Home...

    This is one of my favourite interior trends...actually scrap that its not a trend at all its an interior architectural feature that has been used in various forms for various functions since the 17th Century. You might have referred to it as wainscoting, boiserie, VJ boards, lining boards, boards and battens, Georgian detailing, groove boards; there are a myriad of styles and ways to apply paneling to your home that are a simple and cost effective way to give your home oodles of character. So many clients debate using paneling; will it date? What style works best for our build and aesthetic? Will it blow my budget? Will it clash with my other materials? Is it hard to maintain? Will it be too much? What is the best application for me? What is the purpose? Suffice to say that when looking over all my projects past and present I am yet to find one that hasn't in some way incorporated paneling with the scope of styles being anything from Victorian farmhouse, Modern Country, Industrial, Alpine Chalet, Coastal, Desert Luxe, southern plantation, Scandinavian; its really one of the few elements that doesn't fall into a specific aesthetic or design style so when it comes to paneling; YES, factor it into your scheme, just consider what style paneling will work best to achieve your desired look. Whether you are looking to create a sense of grandeur, an eclectic cottage feel, add texture and depth to an island or simply looking to break up high or long walls, paneling can really transform a space and have a lasting impact. For those who are retro fitting be sympathetic to the location, age and type of home you live in, if your home is a brick veneer 1980s build I would look at a full wall VJ board or in some detailing around your kitchen island as opposed to a regency or board and batten style as these would be too opulent for the home. For me adding more paneling was not my initial choice, rather it came from a need to repair and restore decades worth of poor design choices, cheap building materials and hand crafted walls and joinery stereotypical of early 1900s architecture. I paint a grim picture, which as a designer is fitting for the home, but in all fairness our home is typical of post WWI country home. A late Victorian era weatherboard, naturally it came with beautiful high ceilings, fretwork, stained glass and pressed metal, but despite the great bones, it was in desperate need of TLC. As a farm house, repairs were a long way down on the priority list (still are and still a work in progress...don't get me started on the floors...) but in a mid pandemic surge in DIY enthusiasm I started what i thought would be a simple paint job. It turned out the hideous colour scheme was painted over multiple layers of paint which was painted over wallpaper. Wallpapers in the 1900s were used as much to add interest to the home as they were to patch up the cracks and fault though the masonry and is near impossible to remove so the best option for me was to panel over it. In our bedrooms we opted for full wall VJ boards (which cost around $100/2700x1200mm board) but for the hall our builder made our regency style dado paneling to suit the walls (rather than buying pre-made which wouldn't be square to the walls. Using MDF and timber trims he made each section in proportion to the length of the walls and suffice to say looking at it now, you assume it was always a part of the home (see some images above of the i said ignore the floors!) As you may have gathered, in all its forms from rich walnut wood paneling creating a formal masculine cigar room, to all white lining boards on the floors, walls and ceiling to evoke a warm, rustic country cabin aesthetic; whether your style is more Frank Lloyd Wright mid Century modern, William Morris Arts and crafts or average joe coastal luxe paneling has a place in your home. I simply adore the tactile, bespoke nature of paneling and know this little country interior designer will continue to specify it in projects of all natures for years to come . If your looking to source some paneling or wanting some inspiration, here are a few sites to look at;

  • #thankafarmerforyournextmeal

    Hi there, I know I promised to regularly update my blog (and my website for that matter), but as tends to happen, I have been bogged down in life in the store and on the farm and before I knew it, almost 12 months passed by with little to no updates, for this I am sorry. But this post isn't about 'picking the best colour for your nursery' (a very topical point in our home at the moment), this post is a little more personal! I was well aware of the drought when I moved to the farm and while we had no significant rains last year, Hamish produced; from what I could see, a reasonable yield on his crops, expanded the farm into livestock and to my knowledge, has successfully run a small feedlot. Something that cropped up in conversation a lot as the feedlot grew, was the price of stock being sold north of us...because of the drought. I understood it was pretty dire, but ignorantly assumed that it was just marginally worse than what we were experiencing, and so continued on with my farm life. When I opened the doors to the store, and had a feeling I would appeal to the wives and girlfriends of farmers or those whose livelihood is reliant upon the land rather than the people living in town and wasn't wrong in my assumptions. I started talking about rain in the same way I use to talk about the daily work commute in know the question you ask but you already know the answer to; 'shit house'. I have made a point of stocking and supplying Australian made products, or those that are ethically sourced or manufactured by small business owners to capitalise on the market I was targeting and despite being extremely juvenile in this regional retail field and the fact I am by no means setting the world on fire I have managed to establish wonderful relationships with many farming families, all the while being aware of the drought that surrounds me and not doing anything to acknowledge it or support it. As the partner of a farmer, on a farm in regional NSW, about to introduce a new generation of farmers to life on the land I am fortunate enough to be located in the 2% of NSW that is currently not in drought; not yet that is. I have the means to be able to make people aware of the state of the State and I feel obliged to give back to the community that has so far supported me. You may not be aware as the daily news fails to adequately highlight the issues affecting rural Australia; but 100's of 1000's of livestock are dying or being killed on a daily bases across eastern Australia. Water supplies are at critical levels and the cost of buying and supplying feed is more than most farmers can afford. Inability to cope with these conditions has led to an increase in what is an already disturbingly high number of farming related suicides and it breaks my heart to see young children living without proper food or water because their families have no means to support them. I am guilty of the out of sight, out of mind mentality but this is a crisis, it should be considered a natural disaster and whether you know it or not, it does affect people far from the regional communities living through this. For the month of August I will be setting up the physical and online store with some new products, including some original artworks and prints, locally made timber wares and a range of other goods to then host a drought relief fundraiser on the first weekend in September. I know its a seemly small gesture or one that is mutually beneficial but my aim is not to personally profit, it is to encourage people to sit up and take note, to give a little back to the industry that directly or indirectly has supported so many of us. If you are not good with computers or don't live within a 500km radius of Echuca, but want to help anyway jump on this site and make a donation. I will keep you all updated over the next 4 weeks and of course let you know what contribution is made in September. XX

  • The Colour White...

    I am your quintessential minimalist when it comes to colour. While I appreciate a pop of colour, I rarely use it and rarely wear it (except on my lips...always wearing red lippy!) However as a 10 year old I was given the choice to re-paint my room as a birthday gift from my parents. I could pick ANY colour and style I wanted and my dad and I would get decorating! I am embarrassed to admit this now but I perused over the paint sample books for weeks; looking at styles, colours and new techniques to work out what I really wanted to do before deciding (as was the trend at the time) to create a sponge affect on the walls...not just any sponge affect a pale blue base with a pastel yellow overlay. I know, I know OH MY WHAT WAS I THINKING????? In my desperate attempt to defend myself, I was 10, it was trendy (trust me) and I did think we did a wonderful job of painting so kudos to us! But since that design faux par my colour palette has softened dramatically and I have learned to use colour as an accent rather than the main feature. Actually the ever talent, master of mixing patterns and colours, Anna Spiro has adopted the same ethos when it comes to painting, the blanker the canvas, the better. What do I mean? Its all about the whites! My store is the perfect example of this, I have white wall and white timber flooring and not a day goes by where people don't comment on how well it showcases the products, or how lovely and effective it is. There is absolutely no reason you cannot introduce colour as a feature wall in a paint or wallpaper, add bold artworks, textiles or rugs to a space to give it that extra 'oomph' but the beauty of whites are that they can take on any trend, any style and movement and compliment it. White has the ability to open up a space, maker it feel cleaner and clearer, make ceilings feel higher and can feel both warm and cool. Whether a modernist, minimalist, a lover of Scandinavian style, or someone who loves tradition and antiques; it will help create the perfect base for your style. But whites are not all the same, its important when picking a white for you to consider the amount of natural light, the purpose of the space, the style of the accents and how it will be used in order to pick the right white! The base material will greatly affect the way the colour appears, timber, masonry, plasters, gyprock etc as well as the initial base colour will greatly affect how the white takes to walls and space. My suggestion is to take 2-3 sample pots with you and paint a square on your wall; from day to night you will see how the colour appears, if its got a grey undertone, a pink, yellow or cream. Paint each sample in a different place and not too close together so you are not put off or overwhelmed looking at them side by side. Sit on it for a week or two and look at them at different points in the day and you'll often be surprised how different they are, or how the white you thought was perfect may be too cool or too warm for the space. Its much easier to change your accents if too bold than it is to change a wall so put your energy into creating a space that reflects you, your style and the rooms functionality and save your self the heartache of repainting later! So if you are stuck on what is a good white here are some of my personal favs;

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  • Hardware, Fittings and Fixtures | huntco

    Hardware Fittings and Fixtures A seemingly benign element to your redecoration or building job; these items can completely change the look and feel of a space. Whether you want wow factor or something simple, elegant and timeless, we can source and supply you with all your interior hardware needs. From tapware and tiles, to handles, hooks and rails we have a huge range of suppliers and can tailor a look to suit. Includes; - bathroom fittings - laundry fittings - kitchen fittings - cabinetry hardware - door handles - floor and wall tiles - splash backs ​ For samples and mood boards a small fee applies. MAKE AN ENQUIRY HOMEWARES LIFESTYLING HUNT.Co Interior Design II Bespoke Decorating Service II Home Decor and Soft Furnishings II Furniture

  • Shipping & Returns | huntco

    SHIPPING POLICY Currently we have flat shipping rates within Australia. For international shipping enquiries please email us. Once you have placed and completed your order you will receive a confirmation email and receipt of purchase. Goods are shipped Monday- Friday All goods are send inclusive of GST RETURN POLICY At Hunt Co we would like our customers to feel confident in ordering with us online. With this in mind, our returns policy is as follows: Should you feel the item ordered is not right for you, we are happy to exchange, provide a credit note, or a full refund. For a full refund, you need to contact us and return the item to us within 7 days of receiving it. This applies to full price items only. No refunds on sale items. Returns made outside the 7 days will be credit note or exchange only ​ ​ For an exchange or credit note, you need to contact us and return the item to us within 14 days of receiving it. For items bought and not returned within the above timeframe, credit note or exchanges will be applied to our discrecion ​ Any returned item must be in perfect condition, with no damage to the item or the packaging. ​ ​ Any refund amount will be less the shipping charge. ​ ​ We recommend you use registered post or a trackable courier when returning an item, as we cannot accept responsibility for items lost in transit to us. ​ With the above in mind we would hate to see your credit go to waste so we would love to work with you, offer customisation or where an item isn't right can help you find the perfect solution. Should this be the case please get in contact to see how we can help PAYMENT METHOD We accept all major credit cards, bank deposits and Paypal WHOLESALE INQUIRIES If you are interested in wholesaling any of the Hunt Co ranges or stocking the exclusive ranges we have in store please email us your enquiries and we will get back to you asap with more information

  • NEW | huntco

    < Shop All New Products All our new products and ranges ready to ship Boutique Melbourne brand Quick View Sage & Clare Sian Linen Quilt Cover King - Poppy Price AU$94.95 Boutique Melbourne brand Quick View Sage & Clare Sian Linen Standard Pillowcase - Poppy Price AU$94.95 Boutique Melbourne brand Quick View Sage & Clare Sian Linen Euro Pillowcase - Poppy Price AU$109.95 Boutique Melbourne brand Quick View Sage & Clare Berty Floral Bathmat Price AU$64.95 Boutique Melbourne brand Quick View Sage & Clare Malou Cosmetic Bag Price AU$44.95 Boutique Melbourne brand Quick View Sage & Clare Rylee Cosmetic Bag Price AU$44.95 Boutique Melbourne brand Quick View Sage & Clare Wynona Star Robe Price AU$64.95 Boutique Melbourne brand Quick View Sage & Clare Fifer Linen Pillowcase Set - Cobalt Price AU$84.95 Designer Danish Label Quick View ferm LIVING Yard Picnic Blanket - Olive/Bright Blue Price AU$259.00 Designer Danish Label Quick View ferm LIVING Yard Picnic Blanket - Sand/Black Price AU$259.00 Made in Australia Quick View Maison Balzac Candle - Doctor Cooper Sainte T Price AU$69.95 Made in Australia Quick View Maison Balzac Candle - Doctor Cooper 1642 Price AU$69.95 Boutique Sydney brand Quick View Maison Balzac Pomponette Champagne Coupe - multi Price AU$69.00 Designer Danish Label Quick View Banks Lantern Pendant Shade 50 Price AU$129.95 Designer Danish Label Quick View Banks Lantern Pendant Shade Price AU$129.95 Boutique Melbourne brand Quick View Sage & Clare Lark Velvet Cushion - Citron Price AU$52.00 Boutique Melbourne brand Quick View Sage & Clare Carlie Ric Rac Cushion Price AU$85.00 Boutique Melbourne brand Quick View Sage & Clare Albana King Single Fitted Sheet Sheet Price AU$109.00 Boutique Melbourne brand Quick View Sage & Clare Meredith Flower Rug - Olive Price AU$339.00 Boutique Melbourne brand Quick View Sage & Clare Albana Cot Sheet Price AU$79.00 Load More

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