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  • HuntCO Hacks to Kitchen Design + Installation

    Over the past 7+ months we have been installing our new say its been a long drawn process would be an understatement and while I was as organised and decisive as I could be, 7 months later we are still waiting on a few elements to be completed. As kitchens tend to be the heart of most peoples homes, it's understandable our clients want to be completely confident in their design. As always we take the approach of 'done once, done well' and while working with all styles, budgets and locations its important to make sure the whole space is curatored to suit the clients home and family, but we have five key tips and tricks to help you prepare for your kitchen build. ONE: Research + Refine While it is great fun researching inspiration for your new kitchen one of the biggest pitfalls I see are clients that are trying to incorporate too many differing styles into the space, they are oblivious to the costs of varying elements or are trying to create something that just doesn't suit their home (or budget) Before you start planing your kitchen design, go through all your images and consider what is both common features you love but also what is practical for your build and work towards creating something that is realistic. Don't be afraid to be brave or stick to your initial style, just be conscious of where to spend and where to save to achieve your dream design. TWO: Understand your costs I am as guilty as anyone of seeing a beautiful space and wanting to replicate it in my home, but its important to understand the varying costs involved in creating those spaces + being aware that a lot of designers can afford to have bespoke, high end finishes and fittings beca use they are either getting gifted products or taking advantage of their trade discounts, so while it all looks magnificent in your Instagram feed it might just be well beyond your budget. AS AN EXAMPLE somethings to consider are the style of cabinetry from, the painted finish to the profile there are HUGE variations in the pricing depending on what style you go with. Basic would be a thermolated through companies like Laminex and Polytec, moving into laminate, two pack painted finish and finally your veneers, hand cut or hand painted cabinets with your prices varying on a surface level from low $100's/unit for the basic to high $100 for the bespoke. To further break that down; - THERMOLATED you have limited colour options and profiles but the costs are relative - LAMINATE thousands of options in colours or finishes but you are restricted to flat profiles as you cant wrap the laminate around a rail - TWO PACK, any colour or profile you desire and your cabinetmaker may cut the cabinets themselves or have the option to order the raw units from the bigger manufactures named above. - HAND CUT AND VENEERS, you can have any detail, profile, colour and finish you desire (think the bevelling in Rosedale Farm image above) but the costs are reflective OTHER areas to consider are the lighting, tapware, hardware (I recently got the Rosedale farm hardware quoted, each piece was over $100!) benchtops and biggest takeaway would be invest where its important or going to last and be frugal where it's not, work towards your budget, shop around for the fittings and be really comfortable with your choices THREE: Redefine You Design Once you have settled on the look and feel of your kitchen really sit with the design and layout and make sure you are not just happy with visually how it will look but most importantly the flow and function. So many people make the mistake of designing an aesthetically beautiful kitchen and then get to the actual use of it and find; - there isn't enough storage - drawers aren't deep or wide enough for your specific cookware - the soft touch, recessed handle or push release system means your gorgeous matte finish marks or leaves finger prints (yes even if they say its 'fingerprint proof) - the general layout doesn't work and your flow and function is affected You would have heard of 'the cooking triangle' making sure your bench, oven and food are all easily accessible. While this is very important also making sure you have flow and function generally right. Dont get caught up in the look that you overlook things like 'Can I access those high shelves?' or 'Where do i put all the Tupperware?' Go though all your wants and needs and make sure the things that are important to your family and living style are well considered. FOUR: Sampling + Visualising Not everyone has the ability to fly blind when it comes to design and often a material or finish looks perfect in a lifestyle image or digital medium but in reality falls flat. Once you have worked out what your layout its really important to get your samples together and make sure the look you have landed on is going to work. From your tapware finish to the hardware, flooring, cabinetry colour(s) and benchtops, try and get as many samples together as possible and lay them down to see if the overall style works, if the colours and finishes complement each other as well as seeing if the finishes/colours are as you envisaged when researching and digitally designing your space. As mentioned previously, not everything looks great in reality but also your space, light and design may just not be suitable for certain elements, so best way to build confidence in your kitchen selections is to see them altogether. FIVE: Ordering + Organising I would say in terms of your schedule or in the instance where you are ripping out an old kitchen and replacing it, this would have to be the most important part of the process in ensuring minimal disruption or delays. Too often clients get complacent and think that you lock in the design and everything will not only be available for your install but that you hand over to the cabinetmakers and there is no further organisation required. In truth there are lots of moving parts to your kitchen installation so as soon as you have settled on the design and all your fittings and fixtures I would not only start ordering, I would work through a timeline with the cabinet maker to line up all your other trades to complete the job. Particularly now in our post covid world lead times and delays not to mention price increases are a common occurrence so it pays to be prepared! As a basic guide; - Order tapware, sinks, lighting, flooring, tiles (if using as a splash back) and hardware. due to a number of factors there are delays of anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 month, so make sure you get onto this as soon as you can - Discuss with the cabinet maker their timeline to understand realistic ETA for your install. Note they will have to consider external trades like painters so this will only be indicative but will give you idea of when to line up all your required trades - Contact all your trades; noting you'll need different trades before, during and after install so make sure you dont leave anyone off the list! Again as a guide you'll need carpenters, plasters, electricians, plumbers, potentially a builder, potentially a tiler, glazier if you are putting new windows or doors in and painter (if that person isn't you!) - Order all your appliances, generally these will all be stocked or with short lead times and best to put the list together to get a package or deal from one supplier...we all love a bargain! Understandably designing your dream kitchen is equal parts exciting and daunting. It's a huge investment and something you don't want to rush, make poor choices on or regret. Be bold, be realistic and be prepare, but if the whole process is completely overwhelming we might just know a few people who can take the stress and anxiety out of the process. Happy designing xx

  • The Hunt Co Hacks to Paneling;

    Whether requested by the client or suggested by Hunt.CO , paneling; in the myriad of styles and applications it comes in, is a beautiful way to add texture, depth and character to your home. It transcends design styles and movements and thusly works in homes inspired by anything from the Arts and Crafts movement the the Hollywood hills. With such a diverse range of use working out the best application for your build can be one of the biggest challenges so here are five Hunt.CO hints to help you figure out if your home is more country cottage than Mid Century modern and how to effectively install the right style to take your home from boring to boogie with this timeless design feature. HUNT HINT #One, Your purpose: Whether you are looking to create a sense of grandeur, an eclectic cottage feel, add texture and depth to an island or simply looking to break up high or long walls, paneling can really transform a space and have a lasting impact on your home. You can mix or layer styles, work with different profiles, colours and finishes but the key is to keep these within the same palette and tones to maintain continuity across all surfaces within the space. HUNT HINT #Two, What is the best option for your home?: FIGURE out your home style! It is easy to get overwhelmed trawling through instagram and pinterest and want to replicate all the beautiful images you save and swoon over, but not all styles of paneling will suit all homes. You have to be sympathetic to the location, age and type of home you live in, if your home is a 1980's brick veneer you are unlikely to have wide hallways or high ceilings so I would look at a full wall VJ board or in the profile of your cabinetry as opposed to a baroque or board and batten style as these would be too opulent for the home and the size of the spaces. Hunt Hint #Three, What is the Function of the Space Be practical about the use of the space and don't just think of the room isolation but consider its function and flow into the rest of the home. It seems obvious to say, but you want the paneling to enhance the room, not become intrusive or impractical, so while certain styles of paneling can be a great way to add warmth and create a sense of intimacy they may not be the right selections for your kitchen or mudroom but more appropriate for a walk in robe, den or guest bedroom. HUNT HINT #Four, Retro Fitting...a Case Study: Adding paneling doesn't have to be expensive, in fact it could be a solution to your interior problems, be it used to fix some design faults, repair damaged walls or to add insulation and assist with acoustics, however it can but can be fraught with issues if not executed correctly. Take into consideration our above HINTS as well as what you are wanting to achieve in the space and what you overall budget is. From there look at the room, its proportions and function before working out what the best options are for your paneling style. To give you an example, I live in a 1907 Victorian Era weatherboard, which inherently had oodles of character (albeit a little hidden by years of poorly executed renovations and bad design choices). With its high pressed metal ceilings, stained glass windows and fretwork adding paneling came from a need to restore and repair poorly worn and crafted masonry rather than a need to add more opulence and detail. As a farm house, repairs were a long way down on the priority list, but in a mid pandemic surge in DIY enthusiasm I started what i thought would be a simple paint job. It turned out the hideous colour scheme was painted over multiple layers of paint which was painted over wallpaper, and hours of trying to remove was never going to result in a clean, crack free wall, easy to prime and paint...not to mention no two walls were even! while we could have gone down the route of re-plastering all the walls we were restricted not only int he cost, but the lifespan of the paster given the home has no solid foundations. So considering my budget and my canvas, we opted for full wall VJ boards (which cost around $100/2700x1200mm board) for the bedrooms and for the hall our builder made our regency style dado paneling to suit the walls rather than buying pre fabricated boards which wouldn't be square to the wall and would make the fact they were not an original feature very obvious. So using MDF and timber trims he made each section in proportion to the length of the walls and suffice to say looking at it now, you assume it was always a part of the home, so much so even regular visitors assume it was just a fresh coat of paint that revived the panels rather than a totally new feature. HUNT HINT #Five...Research, Review and Reach Out: As you may have gathered, Hunt.CO love paneling, not just how it can enhance your home but how well it works in different homes, locations, for different demographics and different budgets. Our fifth and final tip it to research different paneling styles and applications, review your mood boards and look at your most dominate aesthetic and styles and consider how this is best going to work in your build. HONESTLY, HANDS UP if you are guilty of aimlessly saving images and inspiration for your 'dream home' only to come to a point where you are struggling as to where to source the right materials, fittings and fixtures from or how to scale back your differing styles to create a cohesive home aesthetic that suits you and your family?! Whether Victorian Era Farmhouse or Modern Country, Coastal or Desert Luxe, Southern Plantation or Scandinavian its easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of interior inspiration and end up creating a space that doesn't meet your brief. As a regional design service we specialise in tailoring schemes to suit each client and while paneling is a key feature of our general style we work across different mediums and aesthetics. if you have taken onboard all expert tips but feel you need assistance with your paneling project or design project as a whole, reach out, we'd love to hear from you and how we can HELP you on your design project. Email:

  • #thankafarmerforyournextmeal

    Hi there, I know I promised to regularly update my blog (and my website for that matter), but as tends to happen, I have been bogged down in life in the store and on the farm and before I knew it, almost 12 months passed by with little to no updates, for this I am sorry. But this post isn't about 'picking the best colour for your nursery' (a very topical point in our home at the moment), this post is a little more personal! I was well aware of the drought when I moved to the farm and while we had no significant rains last year, Hamish produced; from what I could see, a reasonable yield on his crops, expanded the farm into livestock and to my knowledge, has successfully run a small feedlot. Something that cropped up in conversation a lot as the feedlot grew, was the price of stock being sold north of us...because of the drought. I understood it was pretty dire, but ignorantly assumed that it was just marginally worse than what we were experiencing, and so continued on with my farm life. When I opened the doors to the store, and had a feeling I would appeal to the wives and girlfriends of farmers or those whose livelihood is reliant upon the land rather than the people living in town and wasn't wrong in my assumptions. I started talking about rain in the same way I use to talk about the daily work commute in know the question you ask but you already know the answer to; 'shit house'. I have made a point of stocking and supplying Australian made products, or those that are ethically sourced or manufactured by small business owners to capitalise on the market I was targeting and despite being extremely juvenile in this regional retail field and the fact I am by no means setting the world on fire I have managed to establish wonderful relationships with many farming families, all the while being aware of the drought that surrounds me and not doing anything to acknowledge it or support it. As the partner of a farmer, on a farm in regional NSW, about to introduce a new generation of farmers to life on the land I am fortunate enough to be located in the 2% of NSW that is currently not in drought; not yet that is. I have the means to be able to make people aware of the state of the State and I feel obliged to give back to the community that has so far supported me. You may not be aware as the daily news fails to adequately highlight the issues affecting rural Australia; but 100's of 1000's of livestock are dying or being killed on a daily bases across eastern Australia. Water supplies are at critical levels and the cost of buying and supplying feed is more than most farmers can afford. Inability to cope with these conditions has led to an increase in what is an already disturbingly high number of farming related suicides and it breaks my heart to see young children living without proper food or water because their families have no means to support them. I am guilty of the out of sight, out of mind mentality but this is a crisis, it should be considered a natural disaster and whether you know it or not, it does affect people far from the regional communities living through this. For the month of August I will be setting up the physical and online store with some new products, including some original artworks and prints, locally made timber wares and a range of other goods to then host a drought relief fundraiser on the first weekend in September. I know its a seemly small gesture or one that is mutually beneficial but my aim is not to personally profit, it is to encourage people to sit up and take note, to give a little back to the industry that directly or indirectly has supported so many of us. If you are not good with computers or don't live within a 500km radius of Echuca, but want to help anyway jump on this site and make a donation. I will keep you all updated over the next 4 weeks and of course let you know what contribution is made in September. XX

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    Services “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris ​ At Hunt CO we believe it's important to embrace the unique needs of each client based on their aesthetic, location + budget. Our aim is to tailor a service to take the stress + hassle, out of the design process, bringing both a broad range of experience + expertise coupled with an extensive supply chain; accessible to even the most remote locations. Working across design mediums from bespoke furniture to window furnishings, colour consulting to source and supply of fittings + fixtures we comprehensively work through each concept no matter the scale. Tirelessly Hunt(ing) we look to create timeless spaces that represent each client, style + home as individual as the people who occupy them. . . C O N T A C T . U S HOMEWARES LIFESTYLING HUNT.Co II REMOTE II BESPOKE II DESIGN SERVICES II

  • Festive | huntco

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