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  • By Millie Blight

Who stole the melting moments from the melting moment jar?

It has taken me a while to write this post...partly because I have bugger all internet, but mainly because I have Hamish would say 'flat bikkie' since I moved.

I'll try my best to give you an overview of how I ended up on a farm in southern NSW and get to the real reason you are reading this article; wanting to know who did steal the melting moment?!

I met Hamish a little over 9 months ago now; then I was living in sunny Sydney where I worked mainly in homeware development and design and dabbled in a bit of commercial cooking, residential interior design and a whole lot of retail therapy.

Ham was, and still is a broad acre crop farmer, dabbling in a bit of livestock, trucking and anything to do with Mr Deere (John that is).

Its safe to say we didn't meet in convention circumstances and fair to assume that it was quite a struggle explaining to people how a designer from Sydney fell in love with a farmer from Beeac but I assure you our story is really rather awesome (I'll fill you in one day)!! So upon settling on a new property in regional NSW, I packed a trailer with all my worldly possessions...Hamish unpacked a few of the 'essentials' he had collected over his backing years and we moved into our little patch of paradise...Hazeldean!

The move has thus far been an amazing whirlwind of challenges for me..I grew up on a property so its not the isolation that troubles me as much as the constant washing, cleaning, cooking, hosting of guests, dusting, bed making, lack of modern conveniences,dusting, food shopping, farm tours oh and did I mention dusting??

Despite my incredibly supportive partners constant encouragement I felt, and still feel like I have given up a huge part of my independence in moving. I mean earlier this year I was travelling the world selling my products, making my own income while forging an international career in design and decoration and now I live in the back paddocks of Womboota!

But despite the aforementioned challenges I would not change a thing. Through Hunt.Co I am now working on a range of home decor, tableware and fashion essentials to suit the modern Aussie country girl, while offering my services and skills in decoration and design to help regional clients develop, re-invent or create exciting new retail spaces, events or interiors...taking my former life and making it work in and for my new one!

So who stole the melting moment you ask....well everyone!! In Sydney a knock at the door was likely a delivery driver, a miss hit on the buzzer or a real estate agent now we might as well remove the front door because everybody just drops in. There is no point me questioning who they are because they could be anyone from a passing friend, to a livestock agent or distant neighbour...the door opens and in they come, boot off, kettle on. Luckily for me I love to cook so there is always a sweet treat on the counter ready for all our drop by guests but I know most people are not like me and so until next blog here is the recipe so other PLU's (people like us...or just people like me) are not left in the kitchen with a random traveller offering him nothing but Earl Grey. Happy hunting...


....The thing i LOVE most about these, is not that its super easy, but that most of the ingredients you would have in the cupboard/fridge, which, for drop ins in a place where the closest store is 20 minutes away, is essential!


2Oz Icing sugar

6Oz Butter

2Oz Custard powder

6Oz Plain flour

NB you can easily double this recipe which is what i do, but depending on the size of the balls you roll you should get around 16 from the above quantities.

1. Heat oven to 160C and line some flat baking trays with grease proof paper (you'll need 1-2). 2. Cream butter and icing sugar together to make a light, fluffy mix.

3. Add sifted flour and custard powder to the mix and blend till combined.

4. Roll mix into balls and place around 2cm apart on the baking paper. Press a fork into the top to softly flatten the balls and add a decorative feature to the biscuit.

5. Cook for 15-20 minutes or until lightly golden. The allow to cool

6. Mix some icing sugar with a bit of water to for a thick gooey syrup. Pair up the biscuits, adding the mixture to one and placing the other on top. allow to dry together...AAAAAAnd you are done. YUM

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